IEEE 2030.5 Revision Review & the GREAT-DR Use Case : Session 3 presented by Raed Abdullah, Javad Fattahi

IEEE 2030.5 Revision Review & the GREAT-DR Use Case : Session 3 presented by Raed Abdullah, Javad Fattahi
Posted: 9 May 2018
Raed Abdullah, Javad Fattahi
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Tutorials
Time: 01:14:58

IEEE 2030.5 is a standard for communication interfaces between the smart grid and consumers. The standard is built using Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and gives consumers a variety of means to manage their energy usage and generation. This tutorial will present an overview of the standard and details relating to demand response and distributed energy resources. Some current projects utilizing IEEE 2030.5 will also be discussed. Finally, details regarding the testing and certification of IEEE 2030.5 products will be presented.
The GREAT-DR is the open architecture solution platform capitalizing on the IEEE 2030.5 Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Interoperability Application Protocol Standard. It is the elegantly efficient decentralized, virtually seamless Transactive demand response (TDR) solution proposed for smart grid visibility and control that serves the market operator, distribution system operator and their customers, while preserving user privacy, control and cyber-security confidence. Hydro Ottawa is leading The GREAT-DR project that is partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy�s Smart Grid Fund and the LDC Tomorrow Fund, plus supported by the seven dedicated collaborating partners (Carleton University, University of Ottawa, CMIA, Panasonic Eco Solutions, Energate, Quadra Power, and Thorium Technologies).
Session 3: The GREAT-DR
- The GREAT DR system & architecture overview
- Use Case Scenario Overview
- Use Case Scenario IEEE 2030.5 Compliance:
- Implementation Guide
- Testing Tools

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