Application of Microgrids and Distributed Generation presented by John McDonald

Application of Microgrids and Distributed Generation presented by John McDonald
Posted: 12 May 2016
John McDonald
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
Time: 01:01:04

The purpose of this webinar is to familiarize participants with a vision for the future of microgrids and distributed generation. The webinar begins with a discussion of key industry/societal trends. The smarter grid highlights the intelligence that has already been implemented, and the new intelligence being added to the grid today. The Smart Grid technology roadmap provides examples of six Smart Grid solutions being deployed today. The importance of integration of technology components is emphasized, and its impact on grid resiliency. The 16 Smart Grid foundational industry standards are critical for effective integration of technology components and successful interoperability. Interoperability requires communications between technology components (i.e., utilizing communications protocols) and effective exchange of information between technology components. Emerging technologies in microgrids and distributed generation include voltage regulation equipment, grid edge controllers and smart inverters. One impact of high penetration of rooftop solar PV on the distribution system is three new applications of power electronics. Lessons learned in microgrids and distributed generation are discussed, which include impediments to be addressed and enablers for success. The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) input to the DOE for the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) on the vision for microgrids and distribution generation is summarized, including technology, standards, policy and the business case.

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