Unlocking the Value of IoT: A Cognitive Energy System Future by Liang Downey

Unlocking the Value of IoT: A Cognitive Energy System Future by Liang Downey
Posted: 5 Oct 2017
Liang Downey
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
Time: 00:59:32

IoT creates huge amount of data and it can become a stress factor for organizations. A Cognitive New Energy System will consume less resources based on knowing the real-time energy demand, weather, consumption, thus it only generates the right amount of energy when and where it is needed. The system not only captures machine2machina and human2machine knowledge from the past by learning from each interaction but also be able to predict future behaviors.
To thrive amid the DER complexity and digital disruption, the new energy sector must overcome struggles unlocking the value of massive amount of IoT data that is largely underutilized to better manage system, offer new customer solutions that delights them, such as energy trading. Cognitive-based systems are unique in their ability to make sense of all kinds of data to build knowledge and provide confidence weighted actions. This capability is critical to build the new energy future that is more distributed, flexible, efficient and sustainable

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