A Special Issue on the Distribution Domain

A Special Issue on the Distribution Domain
Posted: 16 Feb 2016
Jorge L. Jardim
Luiz Claudio A. Ferreira
Michael I. Emmanuel
Ramesh K. Rayudu
Winston Khoon Guan Seah
Ben Kroposki
Chengxiong Mao
Dan Wang
Jie Tian
Jiming Lu
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
Pages: 13

IEEE Smart Grid presents a Special Issue on the Distribution Domain which features, "Steps Toward a Smarter Transmission System Operation", "Dispatchable Distributed Energy Resources for Seamless Integration into the Smart Grid", "NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility - Testing a Smart Grid Future", and "72-hour Field Test of a 500kVA Electronic Power Transformer".

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