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Welcome to the IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center.
The IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for all things educationally related to IEEE Smart Grid and its 14 partner organizations.

The IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center provides valuable content and access for the entire industry including interviews, on-demand webinars, articles and videos from IEEE Smart Grid conferences and events.

About IEEE Smart Grid

IEEE Smart Grid Initiative brings together IEEE’s broad array of technical societies and organizations through collaboration to encourage the successful rollout of technologically advanced, environment-friendly and secure smart-grid networks around the world. As a professional community and leading provider of globally recognized Smart Grid information, IEEE Smart Grid Initiative is intended to organize, coordinate, leverage and build upon the strength of various entities within IEEE with Smart Grid expertise and interest. Additional information on IEEE Smart Grid can be found at http://smartgrid.ieee.org.

About IEEE Smart Grid Domains & Sub-Domains

Throughout the IEEE Smart Grid Resource Center, you will find things categorized into different topics or Domains. IEEE Smart Grid proudly presents the IEEE Smart Grid Domains & Sub-domains created by IEEE Smart Grid members who were inspired by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Conceptual Model. Each of the eight domains features its own sub-domains, for a total 32 sub-domains.

The idea behind the development of the IEEE Smart Grid Domains & Sub-Domains was to establish a categorization that would allow Smart Grid contributions and activities to be combined into specific areas for better understanding of the activities and their correlations.

The IEEE Smart Grid Domains & Sub-domains offer a methodical approach for organizing the Smart Grid into 32 sub-domains as shown in the graphic above. Each of the 32 sub-domains has been further divided into focus areas covering most of the activities and projects within the Smart Grid arena.

While it is expected the IEEE Smart Grid model to evolve in time, this model provides a good approach for organizing Smart Grid-related activities.

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