Storage Control for Power System Oscillation Damping and Inertia

02 Dec 2019
Charlie Vartanian, Jan Alam
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinars
Webinar Replay on June 20, 2020 UTC+8 Bejing (June 19, 2020 at 9PM EDT) WebEx invite will be sent shortly
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This webinar is based on an earlier SmartGrid e-newsletter article, "Active Damping With Energy Storage to Improve Power System Frequency Stability", . This earlier article outlined how appropriately designed energy storage (ES) systems can offset the negative power system impacts of reduced inertia (H, MW-s), as traditional rotating machines are offset by inverter based resources including PV.
In this webinar, the authors focus on two specific areas, 1) underlying control design concept for using ES with advanced power electronics with advanced grid sensing (e.g. PMU's) to damp power system oscillations, 2) examples of early energy storage systems that have demonstrated that appropriately designed ES systems can and have supported power system frequency stability.
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