Getting to Zero Emissions with Help from Smart Grid Functionality

22 Dec 2020
Paul N. A. Acchione
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The entire world is facing the requirement of managing the energy consumption in order to ensure that the energy demand and supply are balanced accordingly to suffice the future requirements. Countries are adapting transformative methods from conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources, and the number of prosumers is increasing than the number of consumers. During times, considering that the energy is not provided constantly and effectively, the energy providers have been required to adapt planned blackouts, which is a major hindrance for development of the country. Adapting methods to provide constant power supply while limiting the energy consumption in the consumer side has been identified as one of the most productive approaches to sustain As power systems decarbonize their generation, they will experience a new challenge. All zero-emission electrical power systems produce significant amounts of surplus clean electricity. The current practice in most jurisdictions is to curtail the excess production that can’t be stored or exported to neighbouring power grids. The webinar will present data from Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s power system is now about 94% carbon free and needs to manage significant amounts of surplus clean electricity. About half is stored or exported at low spot market prices to neighboring power grids and about half is currently curtailed (wasted). This webinar proposes some retail electricity price reforms and smart grid functionality that can enable consumers to cost effectively use that surplus clean electricity when it is available to displace their fossil fuel use, reduce their overall energy bills and lower their atmospheric emissions.
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