Slides for Webinar: Learnings from Large-Scale Smart Grid Trials in the UK: "CLASS" and "My Electric Avenue" presented by Luis (Nando) Ochoa

20 Aug 2015
Luis (Nando) Ochoa
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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This webinar by IEEE Smart Grid Expert, Nando Ochoa, will present the learnings from two of the largest projects being carried out to explore ways for intelligently and cost-effectively managing demand. In the first trial, Customer Load Active System Services (CLASS), the natural voltage-demand relationship is exploited at primary substations to produce an aggregated response from thousands of consumers. This response can then be used to help the System Operator to tackle the variability of renewable generation. In the second trial, My Electric Avenue, which involves more than 200 electric vehicles (EVs), a new technology is used to help accelerating their uptake. This is achieved by intelligently managing charging points of EV users, thus, deferring asset-related investment in residential and commercial areas. This webinar will provide an overview of implementation aspects, architecture, potential benefits, and key challenges.

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