Slides for Webinar: Impacts of SGIG Consumer Behavior Studies of Time-Based Rates on Customer Acceptance, Retention and Response presented by Peter Cappers

24 Sep 2015
Peter Cappers
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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This webinar by IEEE Smart Grid Expert Peter Cappers, will discuss the major findings from DOE analysis of the CBS utility evaluations including: Average peak demand reductions for customers on Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) rates were almost twice the size (21%) than they were for customers participating in Critical Peak Rebate (CPR) programs (11%). However, when automated controls (PCTs) were provided, peak demand reductions were about the same (30% for CPP and 29% for CPR). Opt-out enrollment rates were about 3.5 times higher than they were for opt-in, and retention rates for both were about the same. While demand reductions for opt-in customers were generally higher, one utility found opt-out enrollment approaches to be more cost-effective than comparable opt-in offers due to significantly higher aggregate benefits and lower marketing costs.
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