Slides for Webinar: Load Modeling and Resilience for Electric Distribution Systems presented by Dongbo Zhao and Chen Chen

06 Aug 2018
Dongbo Zhao and Chen Chen
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Pages: 34
The Webinar will describe two US DOE Grid projects at Argonne National Laboratory. The first project is on load modeling in distribution grid. There emerges the need of revisiting and improving load modeling techniques especially for distribution grid due to the fact that Most of existing load models assume loads are passive, deterministic and time-invariant, with few appropriate models to correctly represent a variety of DGs and new types of loads. With the modern instrumentation for measurements, the modernized load modeling becomes possible and substantial. The project focuses on developing both static and transient models for multiple levels of system, and designing associated model identification approaches. The other project is on distribution system resilience and restoration. Recent severe power outages caused by extreme weather events have highlighted the importance and urgency of improving the resilience and restoration of the electric power grid. The objective of the project is to design a distribution restoration decision support tool to assist distribution utility operators in making optimal and effective decisions during system restoration.

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