Distributed Energy Resources Demand and Enable a Smart Electric Grid : Part 4

05 May 2020
Steven E. Collier
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Tutorials
Session 4
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 01:20:00
The electric utility industry is undergoing revolutionary change. Many foundations of the longstanding bulk electric system are eroding, and new grid models are emerging. One of the most significant new developments is the accelerating proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER). They pose both daunting challenges and desirable opportunities for existing electric grids. Learn why DER are on the rise, what they are, how they work, and what electric utilities can and should be doing about them.

Session 4 Agenda:
- Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS)
- Convergence of Smart Grid with Internet of Things (IoT)
- The Distributed Electric Energy Grid of the Future - DSO & EASModels

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