Designing Demand Response presented by Doug Houseman - Session 2

10 Nov 2016
Doug Houseman
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IEEE Smart Grid Tutorials
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Time: 1:21:54
Demand response is one of the 3 legs of the distributed energy resources (DER) stool, that the industry will rest upon by 2040. It is at this point the most neglected of the three legs. Demand response will not just be turning things off, it will be turning things on as well to absorb excess renewable energy in a useful fashion. Many people want a single silver bullet to handle all demand response issues, but Florida Power and Light (FPL) has proven over the last 30 years that a portfolio of programs is required. This online tutorial is Part 2 of 4. Session 2 will cover the following: Review of session 1 Defining requirements process Defining regulatory changes Security and privacy issues
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