Understanding Emerging Energy Markets and Technology: Session 4 presented by Doug Houseman

05 Apr 2018
Doug Houseman
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IEEE Smart Grid Tutorials
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Time: 01:20:00
In the 1990's wholesale markets were created as part of deregulation. Over the last 20 years, the wholesale markets have continued to evolve, with no end in sight. In the last decade, experimentation has started with retail level markets. The advent of the Internet of Things, large amounts of distributed resources, electric vehicles, and massive changes in the way people use and think about energy. This course will review the history of energy markets, cover the emerging technology of energy, and how retail markets are evolving. The course will cover several possible future scenarios, including energy markets in emerging economies. Session 4: - Review - Transactive Energy in emerging economies - A transactive future - alternatives and options - Other market designs - Mating wholesale and retail markets - Thinking through 21 December in an all renewable future

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