Technological Advancements Beyond Smart Grid : Session 4

08 Nov 2018
John McDonald
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Tutorials
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Time: 01:20:48
Participants will be familiarized with technological advancements beyond smart grid. The technological advancements include three key industry subjects. The first subject is Asset Performance Management (APM), including minimizing outages through analytics and outage restoration techniques. The second subject is Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS). The first session will introduce ADMS and the second session will discuss ADMS advanced real-time applications. The third subject is the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) within an electric utility to enable effective Enterprise Data Management. Agenda for Session 4: IT/OT Convergence and Enterprise Data Management 1. Smart Grid 2. Data Access 3. Realizing Greater Value from Data 4. New Sources of Data - UAVs and Robots 5. Data Characteristics 6. Ad Hoc Survey Results 7. Recommendations

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