The Value of Solar Data Services for Low Voltage Network Operations

11 Jul 2019
Nick Engerer
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Pages: 40
The utilization of solar forecasting data for the proactive management of low voltage (LV) networks is in its infancy. However, it can now be shown to play an important role in the �smart grid� context . This webinar will present three cases studies from Australian low voltage network operators (DNSPs - distribution network service providers) who have been given access to high resolution solar forecasting data for the purposes of evaluating the use of the technology for LV network management.
The first of the selected use cases focus on how solar forecasting data can aid decision making in day to day LV network operations. The second and third use case are closely related, and demonstrate how behind-the-meter solar forecasts allow LV network operators to generate more accurate gross load profiles, so that the underlying true demand can be estimated at the zone substation level, by combining these data with SCADA measurements. Additional examples will be included as time permits.
The webinar will include background information, and additional descriptions of the solar forecasting methodologies, including how attendees can work with existing solutions to engage similar challenges for LV network management.

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