Slides for Webinar: Structural Resilience of the Electric Power Grid: Model & Measures

21 Aug 2019
Amro M. Farid, Dakota J. Thompson, Wester C.H. Schoonenberg
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Modern life has grown to be extremely dependent on electric power. As the world?s services increasingly electrify, the resilience of the electric power grid is more important than ever. Current methods of studying electric power grid resilience generally fall in one of two categories: (1) N-1 type contingency analysis, and (2) network science methods based upon graph connectedness. The latter use "lightweight" graph models while the former is particularly computationally intensive. Though these methods provide valuable complementary insights, there is a new need for analytical tools that balance analytical insight with computational complexity. This webinar discusses a set of new resilience measures based upon the application of hetero-functional graph theory to electric power systems. These measures are of particular relevant to the grid's architectural transformation as it comes to accommodate distributed generation at the grid periphery. Furthermore, the webinar will discuss some of the key differences between existing resilience measures and the newly introduced measures.
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