Slides for Webinar:Impact of IEEE Standards on Smart Grid Implementation

23 Jan 2020
Srikanth Chandrasekaran
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
Video Length / Slide Count:
Pages: 40
IEEE SA is at the forefront of developing standards for the smart grid, starting with the smart grid vision documents in collaboration with the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative that was developed more than 10 years ago focusing on five key aspects of Smart Grid implementation. IEEE-SA has more than 100+ key standards in the area of smart grid and also participated in the development of the ?US NIST framework of standards and protocols for the Smart Grid?. The talk will focus standards from IEEE focus that range across the spectrum from Substation Automation, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, IoT/Communication Protocols, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure to name a few and encompasses the end-to-end implementation that includes power and energy generation and transmission, communications and information technology. IEEE SA is also focused on standards implementation through the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) and that talk will cover some of the key certification programs focused around Smart Grid.

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