Slides for Webinar: Challenges of Electric Vehicles for Power Systems

22 Oct 2020
Sahand G. Liasi
Video Length / Slide Count:
Pages: 36
Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting more popular and this means that conventional internal combustion vehicles will be replaced by EVs soon. While EVs can bring various benefits in different aspects (such as higher efficiency, less urban air pollution, etc.), exploiting a huge number of EVs without preparing a proper infrastructure would lead to different undesirable consequences. The challenges and consequences include, but not limited to the followings:
• Power system reliability problems
• Serious problems in power generation and meeting electricity power demand
• Charging infrastructure
To cope with these problems, different solutions have been suggested. In this presentation, the challenges and some of the main solutions will be discussed. After the webinar, you will find the answer of the following questions:
• What are the main challenges of EVs penetration?
• What are the main EVs charging challenges and the possible solutions?
• How to place charging stations optimally considering both electrical and traffic considerations?
• How to use EVs to perform a flexible demand response program?
• How to enhance power system reliability using EV?
• How the existence of EVs can effect traffic?

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