Slides for: Industrial Demand Response Management Under Power Crisis

07 Jan 2021
Vishalya Sooriarachchi
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The entire world is facing the requirement of managing the energy consumption in order to ensure that the energy demand and supply are balanced accordingly to suffice the future requirements. Countries are adapting transformative methods from conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources, and the number of prosumers is increasing than the number of consumers. During times, considering that the energy is not provided constantly and effectively, the energy providers have been required to adapt planned blackouts, which is a major hindrance for development of the country. Adapting methods to provide constant power supply while limiting the energy consumption in the consumer side has been identified as one of the most productive approaches to sustain the development criteria. The suggested scheme is based on adapting a time-based payment plan which provides a calculated payment to the participants according to the amount of power the participants contribute to save.

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