Slides: Texas Electric Power Crisis

19 Feb 2021
Massoud Amin, Wei-jen Lee, Panos Moutis, Doug Houseman, Steve Collier, and Peter Wung
Panel includes Massoud Amin, Wei-jen Lee, Panos Moutis, Doug Houseman, and Steve Collier. Moderated by Peter Wung
Video Length / Slide Count:
13 Slides
The cold spell that hit the nation in February 2021 wreaked havoc with the electric power generation and delivery system in the United States, putting large numbers of customers under rolling blackouts and long periods of power outages. The focus has been especially glaring and harsh for electric power grid in Texas.

Listen to the group of electric utility experts analyze the situation and provide their unique perspectives. The intent is to delve into the realities of the situation as well as discuss how the Smart Grid could have been helpful to mitigate the dire effects.

The discussion is moderated by Peter Wung, PhD, Chair of the IEEE Smart Grid and adjunct Professor at University of Dayton.

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