Slides for: Part 3 of a Series on IEC 61850: Object-oriented Data and Standardized Data Models

21 Apr 2022
David Dolezilek
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In the late 1990s, to maintain continued support of other existing and future capabilities, IEC 61850 harmonized with work previously done within the Utility Communications Architecture (UCA) IEEE TR 1550. This included IEEE 802.1 Ethernet, object-oriented databases, and compatibility with any other technology through standardization of data processing based on the seven-layer open systems international (OSI) information exchange models. This third installment of the web series introduces object-oriented data and standardized data models as part of the inclusive information access standardization and protocols within IEC 61850. Because the standard enforces technical co-existence, other methods that have evolved over the past 20 years including Modbus, DNP3, MIRRORED Bits Communications, IEEE 1588 precision time protocol, IEC 62439 parallel redundancy protocol remain interoperable with IEC 61850.

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