Slides for: Protection of DC Microgrids: Fault Detection and Location

05 May 2022
Navid Bayati
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The recent years have manifested considerable interest in the novel Microgrids and it increases the challenges related to the protection of these systems. Microgrids are an energy-efficient solution for applications where the majority of electronic loads are local, and the power is produced locally by PV arrays, wind turbines, or fuel cells. Due to the increasing penetration of DC loads and renewable energy sources (RESs) in recent years, utilizing DC systems could provide a more efficient power system due to the lack of skin effect, reduced power conversion stages, and lower line lengths. With the recent developments in power electronic devices, hybrid energy storage, RESs, and smart homes, the DC microgrids have immerged as an essential element for future power systems. However, due to the strict time limits for fault interruption caused by fast high rising fault currents in DC systems, DC microgrid clusters' protection remains a challenging task These developments lead to the integration of Microgrids to the existed networks. This webinar will cover theoretical and experimental progress in the designing of the protection system, fault detection, and location, for DC Microgrids, and analyzing the fault impact on these systems.

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