Slides for : Cyber Vulnerability Assessment - Mitigation for DSS based on IEC 61850

03 Nov 2022
David Dolezilek
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Slides: 39
Modern digital secondary system (DSS) technology uses digital communications for SCADA and engineering access as well as signal transfer among relays and remote digital sensors over high-speed fiber connections to perform fault detection and trip circuit control. DSS systems based on IEC 61850 leverage Ethernet and therefore expose the digital communications to non-determinism and the consequences of shared bandwidth networks. To understand the implications of using available privacy and/or secrecy mechanisms, a cyber vulnerability assessment of each proposed communications design is essential. Many cybersecurity technologies from numerous industries are promoted for use in DSS communications with unknown impacts. This webinar introduces appropriate metrics and a vulnerability assessment framework to compare cyber risks of available technologies to determine the dependability and security of digital control and protective trip circuits. Finally, modern authentication and encryption methods for DSS are introduced in addition to associated international standards.

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