Slides for: Interconnection of Inverter-Based Resources - Power Quality Aspects

19 Jan 2023
Wilsun Xu
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The worldwide acceptance of renewable energies has led to the emergence of a new type of generators in power systems - the Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs). The IBRs send power into the grid through power electronic interfaces. As a result, there are concerns on IBR's potential power quality impact especially in the form of harmonic distortions on the interconnected power systems. The IEEE Std. 2800-2022, for example, recommends performing harmonic impact evaluation for any transmission-connected IBR projects. This webinar is to share the latest research findings on how to model IBRs for harmonic studies and the actual industry experiences of conducting IBR interconnection studies. The topics include 1) Characteristics and responses of IBRs at harmonic frequencies; 2) Modeling of IBRs per the requirement of IEEE Std. 2800; 3) The types of harmonics studies for IBR interconnection projects; and 4) Examples of actual industry interconnection studies. In addition, the webinar will cover (briefly) other power quality issues of IBRs. This webinar is also an opportunity for the presenters to receive industry input as they are actively engaged in the development of IEEE P2800.2 Recommended Practice for Test and Verification Procedures for Inverter-based Resources (IBRs) Interconnecting with Bulk Power Systems.

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