Slides for: Smart Power Converters for Steady State Voltage Support

02 Mar 2023
Rampelli Manojkumar
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Slides: 27
This webinar presents the applications of smart power converters for energy management in low voltage distributions systems with case studies and results. The learning objectives are i) Understanding the applications of modes of operation of smart power converters i.e., grid following mode and grid forming mode. ii) Knowing the impact of smart power converters on voltage profile improvement during steady state operation of low voltage distributions systems. In grid forming mode, the converters are able to maintain the terminal voltage magnitude and frequency as per the given references. In grid following mode, the converters are able to maintain the active/reactive power references as per the given references. The power converters with this ability of operating in grid forming and grid following modes are considered as smart power converters. These smart power converters are helpful for implementing energy management applications like voltage profile improvement, peak shaving, minimizing energy demand, etc in power distribution systems.

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