IEEE 2030.5 (Smart Energy Profile 2.0): An Overview and Applicability to Distributed Energy Resources (DER) presented by Robby Simpson

06 Oct 2016
Robby Simpson
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Time: 01:00:24
IEEE 2030.5 is a standard for communications between the smart grid and consumers. The standard is built using Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and gives consumers a variety of means to manage their energy usage and generation. Information exchanged using the standard includes pricing, demand response, and energy usage, enabling the integration of devices such as smart thermostats, meters, plug-in electric vehicles, smart inverters, and smart appliances. IEEE 2030.5 further defines a framework to support these applications to enable a secure, interoperable, and plug-and-play ecosystem of smart grid consumer devices. Particular emphasis will be given to the integration of distributed energy resources as IEEE 2030.5 has been recommended as the default protocol for smart inverter communications for California's Rule 21.

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