Reimagining Interconnection Rules and Procedures for Next-Generation Technologies and Updated Standards presented by Tom Stanton and Michael Coddington

01 Dec 2016
Tom Stanton, Michael Coddington
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Time: 01:01:49
Distributed generation (DG) interconnection rules are already adopted by at least 32 states, detailing the procedures that applicants and utilities use to process applications expeditiously and ensure the DG systems will cause no harm to the utility system or any other interconnected equipment. This Webinar briefly summarizes the current status of interconnection processes, and reviews the many updates that are now being developed within the IEEE 1547 and 2030 standards working groups. Those updated standards, along with rapid progress in modeling software used to evaluate proposed DG on utility distribution systems, offer the promises of: higher levels of grid hosting capacity for DG; vastly improved processing timelines for utilities; and reduced risks of DG negatively impacting electric reliability and overall safety. The webinar reviews best practices that are already facilitating safe and reliable interconnections in several jurisdictions, and explores additional improvements that could be adopted in the future.

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