EVs, Chargers, Grid Integration and Lessons Learned from Public Chargers presented by Doug Houseman, Sean Morash and Scott Fisher

26 Jan 2017
Doug Houseman, Sean Morash, Scott Fisher
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Time: 01:01:00
High Speed chargers for electric vehicles are growing in public locations. They are the fastest growing segment of chargers. With the release of more than 20 new EV's at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2017, the demand for public charging is going to grow. EVs finally cover most of the vehicle segments from motorcycles to semi-trucks. In many cases a single high speed charger can exceed the installed electric service in a small parking garage or highway rest area. Looking at real data from public chargers, what are the impacts? Does the typical solar cycle support the typical charger usage profile? What are the other lessons learned. Presentation is based on real world data.

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