DER: Where to Start? With who, what, when, why? How to build a ROI based Roadmap presented by Amar Pradhan

04 May 2017
Amar Pradhan
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Webinar Series
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Time: 01:01:05
New grid edge technologies are proliferating, and utilities must figure out how to leverage them, or get sidelined in areas of growth. Utility customers are installing rooftop solar, smart appliances, EVs, etc, outside the traditional purview of the utility or regulators. The mix of IT technologies and business models to optimally interact with these new customer sited resources is critical. What is needed is an expert system integrator who can assess the Utility as is condition, and roadmap deployment of internal and external technologies that optimally bring the utility to the to be scenario that allows them to most profitably leverage DER. IBM is such a system integrator, and this webinar will explain how to tactically create and deliver such a roadmap.

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