The Role of Power Electronics in Grid Modernization

05 Dec 2019
Manuel Avendano, Jordan Smith, Gabriel Andaya, Md Arifujjaman
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IEEE Smart Grid Webinars
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Time: 01:01:52

This webinar discusses applications and role of power electronics associated with grid modernization. Key technical challenges that should be taken into consideration will also be discussed. Additionally, we will provide recommendations for research, development, and demonstration needed for power electronics to help transform distribution grids into flexible, networked platforms that optimize DER value through advanced grid management and empower customers with options to be reliability partners.

The webinar will consist of five key topics:
1. Pathway 2045. High level introduction to our vision including abundant inverter-based generation and storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and efficient electrification
2. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Real examples of BESS installed in SCE service territory.
3. Dynamic Power Conditioner. Results of lab testing.
4. EVs. Focus on grid integration challenges.
5. Smart solar PV inverters. Results of lab testing for Rule 21 requirements.

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