Scaling and Securing the Future Electric Grid with OpenFMB

11 Feb 2021
Stuart Laval, Larry Lackey, Zhihua Qu
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New technologies being introduced onto the electric grid are not only affecting the speed and volume of data being measured and communicated, but also the operational behavior of the power system. In order to address the current limitations with centralized data management, a federated interoperability approach, known as the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) framework, was developed and standardized in effort to improve the situational awareness, resilience, and flexibility of tomorrow’s two-way grid that is embracing distributed energy resources. By pushing distributed intelligence closer to the grid edge, coordinated decisions can be quickly orchestrated, communicating devices can be easily secured, and information systems can efficiently scale to meet the evolving needs of the utility operational infrastructure. This session will introduce the fundamental details of the OpenFMB standard, the business drivers, and its underlying technology architecture.

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