Got Gas? It is Cyber Security Failure if You Don’t!

03 Jun 2021
Doug Houseman and Carmen Garibi
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Time: 00:59:12
The failure at Colonial can happen to anyone who runs a control system and uses modern technology for the user interface, regardless of the underlying control system. Electric utilities are just as vulnerable as Colonial was. Understanding Ransomware, how it gets into a system, what it does when it engages, and what you lose if you don’t pay. Ransomware is insidious and hard to stop, a simple firewall is not enough to stop it, nor is a spam filter enough. Ransomware can take many paths into an organization, even a smart phone. Phishing is one of the most common paths into an enterprise. Not all ransomware is restricted to Microsoft platforms, and some can even attack control system platforms. Here are some tips on actively avoiding ransomware, keeping it out of control systems, and finding it before it is too late.

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