IEC 61850: Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Service DSS

22 Sep 2022
David Dolezilek
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Digital secondary systems (DSS) communications includes both station bus (SB) and process bus (PB) communications. Engineering access (EA) is sometimes isolated onto a separate communications bus but it is most frequently merged with other SB communications.

IEC 61850 device data objects include essential settings to be reviewed as part of troubleshooting as well as the useful and necessary status and diagnostics of the publishers and subscribers on the PB. Much of the monitoring is done via digital messaging on the SB or EA bus via layer three messaging. When available, the IEC 61850 monitoring logical nodes (LNs) and their contents are identified for use as standardized monitoring data acquisition. These and the remaining essential status and diagnostics must be identified and satisfied as part of the data flow design.

This session describes the necessary data objects and their use to diagnose and troubleshoot a non-time synchronized GOOSE PB as well as a time synchronized PB with sampled values and precision time protocol.

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