Voltage and Frequency Control in Renewable-Rich Power Grids

12 Jan 2023
Lasantha Meegahapola
Video Length / Slide Count:
Time: 01:30:00
Power system frequency and voltage control are of paramount importance to maintain the stability and reliability of the emerging smart grid. With the large-scale deployment of power electronic converter (PEC) interfaced renewable power generation (e.g., wind generation and solar-photovoltaic), the conventional strategies to control and maintain system frequency and voltage are becoming inadequate. Therefore, new strategies should be deployed in power grids to maintain frequency and voltage within acceptable levels stipulated in grid codes. This webinar will cover frequency control techniques, such as droop control, synthetic inertia control and hybrid control schemes, that can be used in PEC-interfaced sources. Furthermore, voltage stability aspects with high-share of PEC-interfaced renewables (short-term and long-term voltage stability), and voltage control schemes, such as Volt-Var and Volt-Watt functions will be covered with example case studies. Finally, this webinar will shed light on various technologies (battery storage, synchronous condensers, virtual power plants) available for frequency and voltage control together with the deployment aspects and performance limitations.

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