June - Power Quality and System Reliability

01 Jun 2022
Marco Jung, Sebastian Sprunk, and Bikash Sah, Math Bollen and Zunaira Nazir, Adel El-Shahat, Appala Naidu Talada, Tareg Ghaoud, and Sajan Kaduvettykunnal Sadanandan, Vikash Kumar Saini, Shashank Vyas, Sujil A, and Rajesh Kumar
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An issue of the Smart Grid Bulletin featuring "Reliability in power electronic systems: A hierarchical approach," "Operational risk assessment – time for a smarter look at reliability for power transmission systems," "Enhanced Solar Cells Efficiency Approach for Smart Grids Applications," "Importance of Power Quality in Grid-connected PV Systems," and "A Secure Energy Transaction Platform for Prosumers in a Smart Community"