October - Sensing and Monitoring

01 Oct 2022
Mohamed Ali, Ahmed Ali A. Mohamed, and Tanvir Rahman, Sourabh Ghosh, Navneet Kumar Singh, Asheesh Kumar Singh, and Sri Niwas Singh, Mayank Panwar, Rob Hovsapian, Manish Mohanpurkar, and Clay Koplin, Marta Vanin and Dirk Van Hertem
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An issue of the Smart Grid Bulletin on Sensing and Monitoring featuring "Key Technical Challenges Facing Wide-Scale Deployment of Distributed Generation and Renewables � Is DERMS the Answer? or it is a Solution that Needs Another Solution?", "Digital Twin for Electric Energy Systems: A New Era of Digitization", "Real Time Digital Twin for an Alaskan Microgrid using SCADA, Distribution PMUs, and Smart Meter Data", and "The role of state estimation in the improvement of low voltage distribution network models"