Grid Modernization

01 Apr 2019
Anish Jindal, Neeraj KumaSoheil Mohseni, Alan C. Brent, Daniel Burmester,By Andreas T. Procopiou, Kyriacos Petrou, Luis (Nando) Ochoa,By Mike Zhou, XueWei Shang, Lin Zhao, DongHao Feng, JianFeng Yan, DongYu Shi, Ying Chen
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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
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Pages: 18
Grid Modernization features: "Demand Response Applications in Smart Grid Using Data Analytics ? Various Facets", "The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Transition from Conventional Power Systems to Modernized Smart Grids", "Making the Most of Residential Batteries for Households and the Distribution Network" and "Overview of a New Power Grid Online Analysis Platform"

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