Provision Ancillary Grid Services

01 May 2019
C. S. Demoulias, K.-N. D. Malamaki, G. C. Kryonidis, M. Cvetkovic, U. Mushtaq, S. I. Gkavanoudis, K. O. Oureilidis, J. M. Mauricio, E. O. Kontis, Robin Preece, Claude Ziad El-Bayeh, Khaled Alzaareer, S. Ali Pourmousavi, Giulia De Zotti, Juan M. Morales, Henrik Madsen
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
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Pages: 20

Issue on Provision Ancillary Grid Services
features: "Enable Ancillary Services by Renewable Energy Sources (EASY-RES Project)", "Tearing Up the Rulebook - Do We Really Need All of These Ancillary Services?", "Adoption of Renewable Energy to Provide Ancillary Services" and "AS4.0, an Ancillary Services Framework for TSOs and DSOs Interaction"

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