Diverse Strategies and Applications

01 Oct 2019
Vishu Gupta, Rajesh Kumar, BK Panigrahi, Aleski Paaso, Daniel Kushner, Peter Palensky, Ties van der Heijden, M. Beccali, M. Bonomolo, B. Di Pietra, M.G. Ippolito, G. Leone, F. Monteleone, R. Musca, E. Riva Sanseverino, G. Zizzo,
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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
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Issue on Diverse Strategies and Applications features "Electric Vehicle Charging Management- Battery Charging vs. Swapping in Densely Populated Environment", "Developing Microgrids to Provide Resilience for the Grid and the Community", "Control of Flood Defense Infrastructure for Demand Response Purposes", and
"Are Small Islands Feasible Prototypes for Future Smart Grids?"


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