Safety & Protection Practices of Smart Grid

01 Aug 2020
Benjamin Coalson, Manuel Avendano, Amos Ang, Md Rukonuzzaman, Vilayanur Viswanathan, Matthew Paiss, Pavan Kumar Y. V., G. Pradeep Reddy, Farrokh Aminifar, Sajjad Golshannavaz, Amin Yazdaninejadi
Primary Committee:
IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
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Issue on Current Smart Grid Status - Different Country Stories/Experience featuring
"Centralized Remedial Action Schemes – The Next Line of Defense for Power Systems",
"Safety considerations and protection practices in grid connected Home Energy Storage System",
"Safety Comparison of Li-ion Battery Technology Options for Energy Storage Systems", "Future Wireless Communication Technologies for Smart Grids: A LPWAN Prospective", and "Smart Grid Robust Protection with Relay-to-Relay Communications"

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