The Future As We See It

15 Dec 2017
Peter Wung
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IEEE Smart Grid Newsletters
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As we all know, the smart grid, by its nature, consists of roughly defined, complex inter-relationships between state-of-the-art technologies, progressive national policies, and best business practices. These relationships form a complex and interconnected entity that benefit environment, the earth, and humanity, as well as, serve the interests of all the financial stake holders, including the service providers, the utilities, the government, and the customers. The global collaborative under IEEE Smart Grid is thus charged with organizing and simplifying the complex future interrelationships inherent in an undertaking as massive as the smart grid, via the work being completed by the IEEE Smart Grid R&D Committee. Through its work, the R&D Committee focuses on the development of roadmaps, recommendations for future standards and next steps in an ever changing world to meet the growing demands of the grid and to fulfill the international scope and mission of the IEEE.

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