Joint IEEE/CIGRE Panel - Blockchain in Power Systems

16 Jul 2020
David Bowker, Fazel Mohammadi,, Hannes Agabus, Claudio Lima,Hannah Davis, Umit Cali
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IEEE Smart Grid Workshops
Joint IEEE/CIGRE Panel - Blockchain in Power Systems on August 25th, 2020 at 8AM EDT, 2PM - 4PM CEST WebEx invite will be sent shortly
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Please join this 2-hour joint IEEE/CIGRE panel session to hear leading experts explore the intersection of blockchain and energy markets.  The panel will address the ongoing work of both CIGRE and the IEEE in this segment.  Important topics, such as the use of blockchain in new energy market design, blockchain in energy standardization and blockchain applications in transactive energy will be discussed.  

Chair David Bowker, Convenor CIGRE C5.30 Working Group
Fazel Mohammadi, Panel Coordinator  CIGRE C5.30 Representative

Electricity market challenges and disruptive innovation with emerging technologies
Hannes Agabus, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
 - Current market environment and developments in market design (EU example)
- Principles of future EU electricity market design
- Market shortcomings and challenges
- Market improvements with technology solutions (assisting technologies)
- Summary of how blockchain can address market challenges

CIGRE Blockchain Working Group Insights
Hannah Davis, EPRI
- Working group overview, key objectives, and deliverables
- Potential blockchain applications in electricity markets
- Insights from global blockchain project assessments and technical report
- Next Steps for working group

IEEE Blockchain DLT Standards and Transactive Energy
Claudio Lima, Ph.D., Blockchain Engineering Council (BEC)
Co-Founder, IEEE Blockchain in Energy P2418.5 WG Standards - Chair
- Blockchain in Energy Standards Updates
- Blockchain Transactive Energy Initiative
- Blockchain Energy Reference Models

Blockchain - The Future
Umit Cali, Ph.D., - Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
IEEE Blockchain in Energy P2418.5 WG Standards - Vice-Chair
- Blockchain Energy Use Cases : segmentation, survey and mapping from P2418.5
- Blockchain Energy Cybersecurity: updates from P2418.5 Task Force 1
- Next generation Distributed Ledger Technology and outlook

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